Events at Iris

IRIS Spa & Resorts celebrated the ‘Holi’ with great zeal and enthusiasm. We at IRIS were thrilled to host our valued guests and facilitated each a comfortable stay and endowed with another home away from home, with festivity all-around.  Along with most luxurious accommodation, flavoursome food, serene environment, joy all around, music and unlimited activities, certainly, the HOLI celebration was one of the most liked events and was rated us remberence for the lifetime. 

 The festival had auspicious and significant Baithak Holi with organic colours along with traditional Kumaoni folk dances- Jhora, Chanchri, Chapel and Holia. 

Holi in Kumaon is not just a Festival of Colour but a Festival of Love. It celebrates love and laughter over the first hues of spring. Kumauni’s are known for celebrating this festival with passion and excitement. Kumaon people have the highest regard for this festival as it signifies the victory of good over evil and the end of the winter season that brings the new sowing season which holds great importance for agricultural communities in North Indians.

Colors of Holi

Children’s Day 14 Nov: The day when IRIS choose to educate the students from different village school through reality learning. The purpose was not just to show them a luxurious environment but to get them familiar with the wildlife & Nature, where they belong to and they become responsible towards their surroundings and also understand. The hidden talent sprouted and it was a good opportunity for all students to get familiar with other school kids and also the education system.  Having said this it was just a stand by IRIS towards developing the local community.

Republic Day 26th Jan: The initiative taken by Iris resorts to collectively, along with the guests move to a local village for the flag hosting and bless the near future talents of India. Having seen the enthusiasm in the school children’s they could not stop to gel with the real patriots and know the zeal of being Indians and the inside of them. The most happening and liked event it turned out to be.

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