Kyari Kham - Corbett Wild Iris Spa & Resort

Kyari Kham is surrounded by huge and rich timberlands of Ramnagar Forest Division which thusly is a piece of Terai Arc Landscape. The territory had been the home turf of Jim Corbett and huge numbers of his works are set here. As indicated by Jim Corbett, Sandani Gaja 'notwithstanding being the most excellent spot for a hundred miles round is noted for its birdlife'. The zone is basically depleted by Dabka River and has prime timberlands of Sal and different species. The Nainital scope of mountains is a mosatic of thick Sal, blended and riverine woodland, meadows, rough waterway beds, inhabitation and agribusiness. The zone is now drawing in an expansive number of birding guests by virtue of its differing birdlife, evaluated to be more than 350 bird species. the bird watching camps are organized is one of the popular activities of our guests.